Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Billy Sunday Sermon from his Omaha Revival (1915)

These sermon excerpts were originally printed in the Omaha World Herald.  I scanned copies of them from the Douglas County Historical Society. They are are part of a wide-ranging sermon in which Sunday rails against all sorts of evils and (as he sees it) absurdities.  I'm putting them here along with brief commentary to describe how Sunday's style seems similar to Driscoll's.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Men and the Church

I've been reading a lot about masculinity in the Evangelical church, and how we need more "manly" men to lead churches in America.  As one observer has noted, "There is no country where religion has so strong a hold upon the women or a slighter hold upon the men."  A quick rundown of some other statements will give a clear idea of what Christian leaders think of the problem:
  • "The church should embrace vigorous, robust, muscular Christianity...which shows the character and manliness of Christ."
  • "There was nothing mushy, nothing sweetly effeminate about Jesus...he was a man's man who turned again and again on the snarling pack of his pious enemies and made them slink away."
  • "The calling, not for puny, weak-backed, dyspeptic, priggish apologies for men, but for strong, masculine, muscular fellows, who can hold their own with any man."
  • "There is not enough of effort, of struggle in the typical church life of today to win young men to the church...a flowery bed of ease does not appeal to a fellow who has any manhood in him."