Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Best of a Mediocre Bunch, or Prerable Musical Stylings in 2013

It's been October since I posted anything here. In the meantime I was holed up for the apocalypse, which I assumed would happen either at the hands of the Mayans, the inept U.S. government, or a nuclear Iran.  It did not. So now that I've finally wiped the egg of my face, I'm ready to get back at the blogging thing.

Actually, the real reason for my neglect of this already-sporadically-updated blog is that in my "free time" I was busy doing important non-blog things.  Like submitting applications to PhD programs, finishing up a couple research projects/papers, and analyzing my fantasy NBA roster.  All that is done now, which gives me the freedom to finally write about the best rap album of last year.