Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New article: "A Short History of Christian Matchmaking"

Pictured above on the right is Charles Savidge, the main subject of research during my MA program at Nebraska-Omaha. If you've followed my blog at all for the past year, you've probably heard more about him than you'd like.

I bring him back up now because I managed to spin off some of my Savidge research into an article that was just published at the Religion & Politics online journal. My article uses the Christian matchmaking service that Savidge launched in 1913 as the take-off point for an examination of the rise of Christian online dating sites.

I've been a regular reader of Religion & Politics since they launched, so it is kind of surreal having my work featured on the site. Many thanks to their editorial staff for working with me to turn my fairly rigid graduate-seminar prose into something that is (I hope) slightly more accessible.