Monday, August 9, 2010

Favorite music in 2010

Innovative, soulful hip hop with deep, intelligent lyrics.  The Roots are the best thing going in hip hop right now.
Epic. Passionate.  Wistful.  Hopeful.  Reflective.  Insightful.  Music reviewer Josh Hurst described it perfectly as "anthemic indie rock" 
Rugged punk-folk.  Lead singer Matt Vazquez carries the music along with raw intensity.
Brilliant songwriting.  Mostly mellow americana folk tunes.
Exactly what you would expect from a Shins-Danger Mouse match-up.  Whimsical folk-pop with an extra oomph from Danger Mouse's electronic drum kit.
Blue-collar rock music, like a modern punk-tinged version of Bruce Springsteen
Passionate folk that somehow makes a banjo and cello sound intense. Rousing, sing-a-long choruses replete with spiritual imagery.